Personal Protective Equipment (A-SAF-032)
Version   01.21

OSHA’s incident data indicates that a significant portion of all work related injuries fatalities involve workers being struck in the eyes, head, face, hands and/or feet by foreign objects.  In addition, a substantial number of injuries resulted from chemical exposures.
Two major factors causing these injuries have been identified:

  • Personal protective equipment was not being worn the vast majority of the time; and,
  • When some type of protective equipment was worn, it did not fully protect the worker.

This course will focus on safe work practices and the correct use, maintenance, inspection and storage of personal protective equipment (or PPE).
This course contains several short learning modules, including General Requirements, Training and the specific requirements for:

  • Head Protection
  • Foot & Leg Protection
  • Eye & Face Protection
  • Hearing Protection
  • Arm & Hand Protection; and
  • Body Protection

Respiratory Protective Equipment is discussed in brief in this course but in greater detail in the ShipMate® University Respiratory Protective Equipment Web-Based Training Program (A-SAF-033).

A detailed examination is available and a Certificate of Completion will be awarded to participants receiving 80% or better on the comprehensive exam.

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