Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control (A-SAF-005)
Version:  01.21

This course will familiarize you with bloodborne pathogens and other potentially infectious materials (or OPIM), the risks of exposure to these microorganisms, and appropriate methods, procedures and equipment that you may employ to protect yourself and others from exposure in the workplace.  This course has five short learning modules that will:

•Describe and provide examples of sources of infectious materials and bloodborne pathogens that may be found in the workplace;

•Outline the requirements for developing, maintaining and providing training on a Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan (ECP);

•Describe appropriate methods, procedures and equipment for minimizing the risk of exposure to infectious materials and bloodborne pathogens;

•Provide an overview of the requirements for storage, handling and disposal of regulated medical waste and sharps;

•Describe the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Universal Precautions and other engineering controls and safe work practices;

•Outline the requirements for the use, maintenance and/or disposal of Personnel Protective Equipment; and

•Describe various types of cleaning compounds and disinfectants that may be used to disinfect or mitigate the release of infectious materials or bloodborne pathogens.

A detailed examination is available and a Certificate of Completion will be awarded to participants receiving 80% or better on the comprehensive exam.

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