Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Vessel (HMT-0240)

Version: 01.2021 - Content current as of 1 January 2021

The objectives of this course are to:​

  • familiarize the user with the IMDG Code, its construction and its relationship to other regulatory references;​
  • describe the procedures and methods for the classification and identification of dangerous goods;​
  • enable the user to select an appropriate basic description and identify the required marks, labels and packaging for a dangerous goods shipment intended for transport by vessel;​
  • provide the user with useful tools, checklists and templates for preparing dangerous goods shipping papers and other required documentation;
  • outline and describe the shipper’s responsibilities with respect to hazard communication, handling, loading, stowage and segregation of dangerous goods;​
  • provide an effective tool for measuring comprehension of the training material through learning assessments; and to​
  • provide the user with a Certificate of Completion upon successful completion of the course of instruction.

A detailed examination is available and a Certificate of Completion will be awarded to participants receiving 80% or better on the comprehensive exam.

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Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Vessel

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