Surface Transportation of Hazardous Materials (HMT-0432)
Version: 01.2021 - Content current as of 1 January

This course is designed specifically for Service, Body & Repair technicians that perform one or more hazardous materials transportation or pre-transportation functions outlined in the course syllabus.  This course fulfills the U.S. DOT hazardous materials transportation training requirements for: (1) General Awareness & Familiarization; (2) DOT General Safety; (3) Hazardous Materials Security Awareness; and (4) Function-Specific for those functions performed by Service, Body & Repair Technicians at a typical automotive dealership or related facilities, as described in the course syllabus.

The course objectives are:

  •     Learn the basis for classification of hazardous materials.
  •     Understand the physical and chemical properties associated with hazardous materials 
  •     Know the nine international hazard classes and their corresponding divisions.
  •     Find the appropriate proper shipping name for a solution or mixture.
  •     Understand when to use "not otherwise specified" in a proper shipping name.
  •     Know how to determine the primary hazard class for those materials with more than one hazard class using the Precedence of Hazard Table.

Included in the Surface Transport of Dangerous Goods web-based training program is a useful library of tools, references, tables and guides, checklists, documentation templates and a glossary of terms and definitions.

A detailed examination is available and a Certificate of Completion will be awarded to participants receiving 80% or better on the comprehensive exam.

Click on the course syllabus here:


Surface Transport of Automotive Hazardous Materials for Service Technicians

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